Creative ideas from expert on How to motivate employees to submit their timesheets on time

Having trouble with your budget and finances in your company because of the hassle when employees are not diligent in submitting their timesheets?


Here are the expert’s ideas from┬á

1. Jim Brendel says “One idea that we used was to have a drawing for a prize (gift card, etc.). Only those employees who submitted their time sheets on time were eligible for the drawing.”

2. Another correspondent Theresa Wilt says “I suggest the starting point is to explain why it is important and therefore a requirement. Every employee can understand that their timsheet record of their hours worked is technically their bill to the company for their time worked. So then it is logical that all of those timecards make up the billing, which is how the company gets money from the customers to be able to pay their paychecks.”

3. “Firstly ensure the time sheet submission process is remotely accessible. Web enabled preferably. No excuse for being away from office.┬áSecondly make mandatory say 5% of all annual performance assessments based on meeting T&E submission deadlines during review period (approx 2 hours per 40 hour week).” from Jeff Jeffrys.

4. Another expert, Valerie Campbell, shared his thoughts “Announce your new time entry policy, where working for your company requires accurate and timely time entry.
There is no other way around it. We had this issue at a large consulting firm, the lack of completing the task is due to arrogance and feeling like someone else should do this administrative task for them. The same with expense reports.
The final solution was for the division leaders to enforce time entry policy.
You would be so amazed at how fast you can achieve full compliance when you put the guy with the purse-strings in charge of having to remind 300 of his project consultants to get their time in. No one wants to be on the list of people that the VP has to call on a weekly basis.”

5. Last but not the list. Regis Quirin stated: “In this situation, compliance can only be assured if you add a financial penalty for non-compliance. Caution – some states very much frown on employers withholding pay from employees. Before implementing any policy check with an employment attorney. If you are given approval – create a policy, develop an addendum to your compensation program, communicate the policy, obtain the employee’s signatures evidencing that they know the policy, and then enforce it.”

I hope that helps.

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