Benefits of Using Timesheet apps

I bumped on this tips( and I liked how he explained the details and would emphasize the importance.

THe traditional paper timesheet system is simply inefficient, especially when there is a better alternative out there. If you’re living in this fast-phased world, here are just some of the benefits of using a timesheet app:

1. Transparency: Employees “own” their time off.


Payroll/HR administrators will no longer have to constantly field questions from employees who are wondering: “How many vacation days do I have left? How many days have I accrued?” Employees will be able to access their own PTO information as system users, creating a sense of ownership.

2. Fewer unplanned absences.


Because of this sense of ownership and transparency, employees will be better able to visualize what sort of time off they have, and plan accordingly. Of course, people do get unexpectedly sick from time to time, but anyone blatantly abusing the system will be automatically flagged in the software program.

3. Automated time off and accruals mean less work for payroll administrators.

Depending on the complexity of your company’s policy, calculating individuals’ accrued time off and manually tracking their time off can be time consuming. These types of calculations can easily be inputted into an intuitive timesheet program, with end users tracking their own time…on their own time!

4. Let the software do the nagging for you.

Eliminate the time wasted constantly following up with employees about their timesheets. With a Timesheets software application, an automated “nag” reminder can be sent via email of app alert. A notification will also be sent to the administrator when an employee submits a timesheet for approval.

5. Your company becomes more attractive/competitive to quality jobseekers.


It may seem obvious, but by using a streamlined interface to automate vacation and sick time, you make your organization more attractive and progressive to potential employees. Both employees and administrators can spend less time tracking…well, time…freeing them up to focus on the more important tasks at hand. Now who wouldn’t like that?

6. Highly Customizable.

What do you want the system to look like? What kind of approval process do you need? A quality implementation team can take care of all the backend stuff so that you don’t have to (with any additional features or fields without an added cost).

7. Get rid of all those over-stuffed filing cabinets.

But where will all of your files and files and files of timesheets live? How about in the cloud, which is constantly backed up by a secure server. Nexonia stores all of your data for a minimum of 7 years with no archiving, and is instantly available to you should you need a retreive a receipt. Plus, it frees up extra space in your office for that company espresso station or ping pong table.

8. Stop spending money on headache medication.

Ok, we can’t guarantee that you won’t get a headache doing other administrative tasks, but using Nexonia’s Timesheets/Time Off Applications will definitely save you and your company time and money, and that’s certainly something worth celebrating.

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